Matt Raible on Java Web Frameworks

Its hard to think of many people more qualified to talk knowledgeably about Web frameworks than Matt Raible, particularly on the Java platform. The slides to his presentation, “Choosing a JVM Web Framework” contain some very interesting comparisons of the competing Java Web frameworks.

The final points he makes in the conclusion of his presentation are basically what I tried to get across in my post “The Golden Age of Web Applications“, but Matt puts it a lot more succinctly, and does so with a lot more authority:

  • The future is bright because of all the competition
  • Developers should know more than one web framework
  • You should try a framework before dissing it
  • The plethora of web frameworks is a good thing!

If people took these points to heart, there would be fewer religious battles over frameworks, and less stress about choosing a framework in the first place.

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